Hello, I'm Ellie. I live in Brighton in the UK. I've created this site to share my journey and hopefully inspire people to make similar changes. I've lived with Coeliacs disease since I was 8 years old and have struggled with weight management for most of my life. 

The photo on the right was taken on the 14th of Feb 2017, Valentine's day. My boyfriend at the time had come to visit me at uni to celebrate together. We went into town where I got this large portion of cheesy chips BEFORE eating a three-course meal! On the way back from dinner we also stopped at a shop and bought a huge amount of sweets, chocolate, and crisps.

That night while laying in bed feeling so stuffed I could barely move I looked at the photo of myself taken earlier that evening and literally felt complete shock at the girl I saw. Don't get me wrong I knew I was overweight but at that moment it hit me how large I had become.

The sudden realization was so upsetting I spent most of that night crying. That was the moment I decided it was time to change. The next morning I went and joined a gym, that was my step one. And I must say it wasn't easy. Walking into that gym, just to sign up not even to workout, was probably one of the most daunting moments of my life.

I started slowly, and my first goal was just to get to the gym 2 to 3 times per week. I was so unfit that I decided I was going to start swimming to build my endurance up. The first time I got in the pool I swam about 5 laps and was too exhausted to continue. But as the weeks went on I tried to always beat my last score. After around 3 months I was swimming 50 laps, this progression in my fitness was so exciting to me, I was so proud. I decided it was time to have a chat with a PT which is when I met Anna who became my trainer for the next year or so. My first session was an introduction to some of the exercises we would be doing. My body was so sore after I could barely walk!! Anna used to have me train in front of a mirror to learn about correct form but I used to really struggle with this. Looking at my reflection was hard for me but instead of avoiding it I decided to use it as my motivation. I started to make small changes to my diet, nothing too extreme. At this point, I had no idea about counting calories or how much protein one should consume in a day! I just followed my intuition and started making healthier choices.

After a year of training, I got my weight down to 58kg and became fitter than I could ever have imagined. Everything changed for me, my fitness, my lifestyle my energy, and most importantly my confidence. It was the best change I had ever made. I'm going to share lots of the recipes of meals I eat daily and things that helped me to make the changes I did. Even if one person reading this post gains something, big or small, to help them take their first step then I have achieved exactly what I set out too.


I will be posting about different topics and discussing things like how too much information became unhelpful and overcomplicated things for me and how I developed Binge eating and my struggles with overcoming it. So follow along and hopefully you can find some inspiration!!  

The first two to three months were the hardest for me, I saw no change to my body or on the scale. It felt that I had worked so hard but had nothing to show for it! I would repeat a saying to myself constantly, it became a kind of mantra 'Imagine how I will look and feel six months from now'. These were truly magic words for me and gave me that kick I needed every time! And of course, in time the scales started to drop and my body slowly but surely started to change. I was resistant training three to four times per week with Anna and became a lot more active in my everyday life. One of the reasons I was reluctant to begin the journey in the first place was having to give up my food!! And I loved my food, still do. I made a commitment that I would change how I ate but I wouldn't go to any extreme. Carbs stayed in my diet even though I was told to reduce them a lot more that I did. I just made changes like switching from pasta to buckwheat pasta and adding more veg to my meals.