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Banana Bread Doughnuts

Banana bread and doughnuts are two of my favourite treats! Both have a bit of a reputation of being more on the "unhealthy" side due to the high amounts of sugar they typically contain. I've been experimenting with different recipes to try and create my own healthier version and after several failed attempts, I feel I have created the perfect recipe!

By swapping certain ingredients I am able to recreate the foods I love but with half the amount of calories! One of the best ingredient replacement in all my baking recipes has been swapping out sugar for zero-calorie sweetener. Some zero-calorie sweeteners leave a slightly artificial after taste and don't bake very well. I've been using the brand NKDliving and have found it to taste the most similar to sugar and works really well in all my recipes.

I decided I wanted to use oat flour in this recipe as I find the high fibre content in the oats keeps me feeling fueled for a lot longer than regular flour. Oat flour can turn your baked goods slightly dry a lot of the time, however, this wasn't an issue in this recipe as the banana and egg added enough moisture to keep the doughnuts soft and gooey.

Now, when I think doughnuts my mind instantly goes to the creamy frosting! I could eat that frosting all day long! I have found a way to make a delicious buttercream frosting that I use in lots of my recipes such as my healthy chocolate cupcakes.

it's so simple to make and tastes SO delicious!

For the actual doughnuts, I wanted them to taste like banana bread. Sweet and soft with that hint of banana flavour. They make an excellent treat for the kid's lunch box or pre-workout snack as the oats are a slow-releasing source of carbohydrates and will fuel your session well!

I used edible rose petals to decorate my doughnuts, they also smell amazing and add to the overall experience!

I hope you love my yummy banana bread doughnuts recipe! I would love to know your thoughts so leave me a comment below or tag me on Instagram @healthylivingellie.

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