• Ellie

Chia Breakfast Bowl

Updated: Jun 18

Chocolate orange chia pudding for breakfast is a the perfect way to start the day!

Chia seeds are not only super delicious, they're also extremely nourishing.

Some of the amazing things about Chia seeds are:

They're a source of protein

They're a great source of fibre

Rich in Omega 3s (fatty acids)

They are loaded with antioxidants

The list could go on... but we shall leave it at that for now.

Chia pudding makes for a delicious and nutritious breakfast. In my breakfast bowl, I added some chocolate granola and orange slices. It was amazing!

This high fibre bowl will most definitely keep you feeling fuelled and energised until lunch!

To make the chia pudding, mix 30g of chia seeds with 100ml of any type of milk or water (I use coconut milk). Mix it well and leave it in the fridge overnight to soak. The seeds will expand and form a lovely texture.


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