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Raw Chocolate chip cookie dough balls

Updated: Jun 19

These delicious raw cookie balls are super delicious and so easy to make! They can be adapted to for most diets by swapping out ingredients such as chocolate for vegan chocolate. And the best part is they only need 4 ingredients!

These heavenly cookie treats make the perfect grab and go snack when in a rush or a great pre-workout snack!

Since lockdown, I think everyone's been struggling with the constant need to SNACK! Let's face it, we’re not used to being sat at home all day with little to do. Anyone else check the fridge and cupboards every 3 minutes to see if something delish has magically appeared? I've tried to come up with easy snack recipes that are nutritious and quick to put together, and I think I have the perfect treat!

Keep them stored in the fridge for up to 5 days. One or two (or 5) of these mini cookie balls will keep you feeling full until your next meal!

Let me know if you've tried this easy recipe by leaving me a comment or tagging me on instagram @healthylivingellie. You can also find me on Pinterest where you can pin my recipes to save for another time!


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