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Updated: Aug 6

Being coeliac can make baking a little tricky. Gluten-Free flour has become better over the years however it can often cause baked goods to come out crumbly. This is the case with some shop-bought goods too. My non-coeliac friends have always found my gluten-free bread and cakes a lot more crumbly than regular ones. This inspired me to experiment baking using four different alternative flours. All the flours are gluten-free and can be found in most supermarkets or made at home.

I used a simple recipe which makes one giant cookie and made four cookies using the different flours. I wanted to test the taste, texture and crumbliness of each cookie. I chose to use: Oat flour, Buckwheat flour, Rice flour and Coconut flour.

Oat Flour

Oat flour can be easily made at home by blending whole oats in a blender or food processor until it becomes a flour-like consistency. Oats are a slow-releasing carbohydrate making them perfect for breakfast or a pre-workout meal as they will release energy slowly after being consumed. The oat cookie was my favourite out of the lot, It tasted really yummy and the texture was soft and light. It was also the least crumbly. Lots of people find that baking with oat flour can result in your food being dry but I've found that by adding a little extra egg or a dash of milk solves this. 10/10 would bake again!

Buckwheat Flour

I had no idea buckwheat flour was a thing until I saw it in the shops. I've been eating buckwheat pasta for years and have always loved the slightly nutty taste so I thought it would be a great flour to test in my cookie experiment. Buckwheat is high in dietary fibre and a great source of protein for people who are vegan or vegetarian. I found the buckwheat flour baked well, the texture was soft and doughy and the nutty taste added to the overall flavour. I would bake cookies using buckwheat flour again but I feel it may work better for baking bread. 7/10 would use again.

Rice Flour

This was my first time baking with rice flour too. When the rice flour cookie was ready it looked amazing but the taste was not so good! The texture was okay, still quite crumbly but it just left an unpleasant aftertaste. I think it put me off using rice flour again. 3/10

Coconut Flour

I have used coconut flour in some recipes before but for some reason this time it just didn't quite go to plan. Coconut flour is difficult to bake with as it doesn't bind well. Even before it was baked and I tried to roll it into a ball and press it into a cookie shape I found it difficult to keep in one piece. The taste was really yummy however as you can see from the photos it was super crumbly. I would try and bake cookies using coconut flour again but would try a different recipe. 5/10 would use again.

This was a super interesting experiment and I would be keen to try some new flours in search for the best one, as of now oat flour was my favourite! I would love to know if you have tried any of these flours before and what your experience was. Leave me a comment below or tag me on Instagram @healthylivingellie

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