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Gluten-Free Healthy Fish Fingers

Updated: Jun 25

My healthy version of a popular classic dish ,

Fish Fingers

This is super delicious dish for everyone,

easy to make and can be a great healthy meal swap.

Fish fingers are a childhood favourite.

It was always a great day when fish fingers were served up!

I created a homemade version suitable for coeliacs using my secret ingredient.

This recipe is one of the many meal replacements I enjoyed on my weight loss journey and I still make it regularly , why because it’s healthy and delicious.

Who knew cornflakes could be used to make such a great breadcrumb substitute.

Honestly, this humble ingredient has transformed so many of my recipes.

Using the cornflake crumbs to coat the fish will give it such a delicious crunch with a light corn taste

I prefer using simple cod , it is just the familiar taste, low cost , easy to find and most of all a healthy ingredient.However most white fish will also work well.

When making this recipe I like to set up a conveyor type station to minimize the mess and stay organised.

Lightly frying the fish fingers will give them that fried fish crispness without all the added calories, they also work really well in an air-fryer to save a few more calories. It is so versatile because it can be used in so many different dishes!

I am super confident that you will find this ‘easy to make’ meal swap as delicious as I do!

It would lovely to know what other recipes you have made using the cornflake crumbs!

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