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Healthy cheesecake

Updated: Aug 1

I created one of my favourite desserts and made it healthy, high in protein and of-course delicious! This recipe was not planned. I simply woke up this morning really craving a big slice of blueberry cheesecake and decided to try and make it using only the ingredients I had at home already.

I made my own healthy cheesecake recipe

I have never attempted making cheesecake before, I just assumed it would be super difficult and would turn out terrible. I dont know how it happened but my protein cheesecake turned out so tasty and I didn't even follow a recipe, just threw a few ingredients together! The best thing about this recipe is you probably have all the ingredients at home already, no trip to the supermarket required!

Kitchen equipment needed for this recipe:

  • Round baking dish

  • Roasting pan for the bain marie

  • Electric hand whisk

  • Oven

What is a Bain Marie?

A Bain Marie is a fancy term for a water bath. It's used when baking delicate foods like cheesecakes or custards to create a gentle and soft heat around the food. You dont need to buy a huge machine you can make your own bain marie at home using a roasting pan.

My favourite yoghurt is the flavoured Arla protein yoghurt pots. Its a quark based yoghurt which contains 20g of protein and is super filling and delicious. I always have them in my fridge to eat as a quick snack or to make a delicious breakfast bowl with. Recently I started experimenting with adding them to my recipes and they bake really well too!

This delicious healthy cheesecake can be eaten as a dessert, for a healthy breakfast or as post-workout treat!

I hope you enjoy the recipe, I would love to know how yours turned out so please leave me a message below or tag me on Instagram @healthylivingellie.

You can also pin this recipe on Pinterest and come back to it later! Enjoy!!

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