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Homemade Caramel Nutty Granola

Updated: Jul 20

I'm absolutely obsessed with granola! Adding it to some greek yoghurt is one of my favourite breakfast meals. Eating granola on its own also makes a delicious snack and is super easy to chuck in some Tupperware and take in your bag to snack on the go!

I have been trying to reduce my carbohydrate intake lately so I cut all shop-bought granolas from my diet as they are usually packed with sugar and have a high carb content. I decided I would try and experiment with making my own version of granola! I wanted to keep it as low carb as possible but still have a sweet taste and crunchy texture. So I wrote a list of my favourite nuts and seeds and made my own delicious recipe!

This recipe was so simple to make and lasts up to three weeks in an airtight container. I found that making my own granola was so easy I will probably never buy it ready-made again. This recipe is high in protein and healthy fats, a portion of this nutty granola will keep you feeling fueled for a long time!

I hope you enjoy this yummy granola! I would love to know how yours turned out, leave me a comment below or tag me on Instagram @healthylivingellie.

You can also find me on Pinterest where you can save the recipe and come back to it another time.


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