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Miso Salmon and courgettie

Updated: Jun 19

Spiraled courgette makes a great lower carb/calorie alternative to spaghetti!! This meal was super filling too. I have always found the veggie alternative craze slightly strange and have been hesitant to try it. I mean, cauliflower pizza base just doesn't sound appetising to me. BUT don't knock it till you try it. All the healthier veggie alternatives are surprisingly super delicious when made right!

Recently I’ve been trying to reduce my carb intake so I’ve been experimenting with different food replacements. I've tried butternut squash spaghetti too but I way preferred using courgette with this dish. One medium courgette will give a massive portion for far fewer calories than a portion of spaghetti. Don't get me wrong, spaghetti is AMAZING, but when trying to cut back on the higher calorie foods, alternatives like these go a long way for sure. Plus gets me eating more veg!

Courgetti has become my new staple food! Some people cook it but I prefer to eat it raw.

The sauce/dressing is a velvety green colour and will add creamy goodness to the dish. The cottage cheese will also give an extra protein boost!

This meal is low carb, high fat, and high protein. It makes a great a delicious lunch or dinner

I would love to know if you have tried this meal and your thoughts on the veggie alternatives! Let me know in the comments or tag me on instagram @healthylivingellie. You can also find me on Pinterest where you can pin this recipe on your board for quick access another time!


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