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My Version Of Cookie Crisp Cereal

Updated: Jun 19

For some reason, mini versions of food make me SO happy! They instantly are so much more enjoyable to eat. Every foodie out there has seemed to have gotten super excited over the mini pancake and cookie craze, which after making both recipes I now fully understand why.

If you're a cereal lover like me, you'll know cookie crisp is the king of all cereals. What could be better than a bowl of mini cookies with milk? I've had Coeliac disease since I was 6 years old meaning that at a young age I had to completely change my diet. At the time, Coeliac disease was not a known thing meaning there were very few Gluten-Free products available on the market. Whereas today every supermarket had a Free-from aisle with tons of products and every restaurant has a GF menu or GF options.

I distinctly remember feeling super sad that I would no longer be able to enjoy my favourite, gluten filled, cereal any longer! Two of my siblings were not coeliac and therefore we still had cookie crisp in the house which led to some serious cookie envy on my part.

However, In my older years Ive learned to take my favourite foods that I could no longer eat and recreate them using GF ingredients. A bonus to recreating recipes is being able to make them healthier and more nutritious whilst keeping them tasting delicious!

The best thing about these mini cookies are they can be enjoyed hot or cold! Let them cool and then eat them from a bowl with milk like you would cereal! Or simply enjoy them as a snack! They make the perfect healthy treat to add to your child's lunch box or to snack on when you're on the move.

I hope you love this recipe as much as I do! I would love to hear how you got on with the recipe so please leave me a comment or tag me on instagram using @healthylivingellie. You can also find this recipe on Pinterest where you can pin it on your boards for quick access another time!


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