• Ellie

Naked Burrito Bowl

Love Burritos but trying to eat fewer carbs?

This Naked Burrito bowl is the perfect dish for you! This meal is high in protein and low carbohydrate. It's absolutely delicious and will fulfil your burrito needs!

It's super quick and easy to throw this meal together. For the base, I've used shredded lettuce. You can use whatever meat you would like, I chose to use lean beef mince in this bowl but it also works really well with chicken.

Lightly fry the beef on a pan until its browned (You can add whatever spices you like, I just used salt, pepper and garlic salt.)

Next, make the guacamole. Take half a ripe avocado, add garlic salt and lime juice. Mash this all together.

Now for the toppings, I used cherry tomatoes, fetta cheese and fat-free quark. I would usually include some cooked peppers and onions but unfortunately, I had run out of these!

This is a great meal if you are looking for something quick and simple.


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