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Shakshuka Recipe

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

I like mine with aubergine and lots of veggies!

Here is my twist on the traditional dish shakshuka. My recipe is quick and easy to whip up and makes the perfect breakfast or brunch dish!


Shakshuka is a Mediterranean dish, it's bursting with colour and lots of veggies. In a traditional shakshuka, one of the main ingredients is the bell pepper. I have not included pepper in my dish as I'm not the biggest fan and decided to use aubergine instead, which surprisingly worked really well and gave a lot more volume to the meal.

Cooking tip

Separate the eggs into small dishes instead of straight into the pan to avoid splitting the yolk! Trust me I've split the yolk way too many times and it's very upsetting!

I personally enjoy eating the shakshuka as it is but it can also be really delicious with some toast/crackers or some rice!

There are so many shakshuka recipes on the internet but I've found this one to be the quickest to make! I hope you do too, let me know what veg you add to your shakshuka in the comments or tag me on Instagram @healthylivingellie


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