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Smoked Salmon Summer Salad

Updated: Jun 23

I would say that my love for salad has been quite the journey. Let's start at the beginning where Healthy Living Ellie wasn't too healthy.

I remember being a kid and not understanding why anyone would eat a salad for a meal out of their own free will! I used to hate them and felt I was being punished when one was put in front of me for dinner. On top of finding a bowl of vegetables gross, I was also an extremely fussy eater as a child. I hated the different foods on my plate touching for some strange reason, making a salad one of my worse nightmares. I think many children go through the phase of disliking fruit and veg as well as the fussy eater phase.

Then I thought eating salads for lunch and dinner every day was the only way to lose weight, which is actually what I did in my early teens. This didn't help my relationship with the dreaded salads as I used to simply eat a bowl of leaves with a few tomatoes, diced cucumber and if I were treating myself, I'd throw in some avocado as well!

The benefit (well, what I thought was a benefit) to eating that way, was how it would trick my brain into feeling full for the next hour or so. And that's when the hunger and starvation loop would kick in. I would just ignore my rumbling stomach crying out for some real food in the hope of being a few pounds lighter the next morning. Those types of salads provided little nourishment and had little to no taste which in a way made me dislike them even more!

However, in my older and wiser years, I've realised that salads are meant to be enjoyed!!! Being creative with the ingredients and dressings make all the difference. I now love salads and eat them often. They are in fact a great way to lose weight when eaten with a variety of highly nutritious ingredients like this one.

What's in my bowl?

I always use a mixture of spinach and lettuce for the base.

The spinach is a good source of potassium, which is great for people who suffer from high blood pressure as it helps to lower and regulate the levels.

Lettuce adds a lovely crunch to the bowl and helps to fill it up.

Mushrooms are high in protein and B vitamins.

Cherry tomatoes add a delicious sweetness to the bowl, they are rich in vitamin C and K.

Red onion contains Vitamin B1 and B6 which help promote brain health and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Avocado contains around 20 different vitamins and minerals as well as providing an excellent source of healthy fat!

Lastly, for my protein source, I chose to top my salad bowl with some fresh smoked salmon. Salmon is high in omega-3 fatty acids which supports healthy brain function. If you are vegan, a great alternative is flax seeds which provide 1.8 grams of plant omega-3s with every tablespoon.

To make this you will need:

. 1 handful of shredded lettuce

. 1 handful of baby spinach

. 1/2 medium avocado, cubed

. 3 chopped medium mushrooms

. 1 chopped small red onion

. A handful of cherry tomatoes

. And a portion of smoked salmon (or your chosen source of protein)

For the dressing, I drizzled it with balsamic glaze and fresh lemon juice.

This salad is packed full of goodness. It's super simple to throw together and tastes absolutely delicious. With the combination of protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates from the vegetables, it will keep you feeling fuelled and energised!

I would love to know if you have tried this salad and what you think of it! Leave me a comment below or tag me on instagram @healthylivingellie. You can also find my recipes on pinterest where you can pin them and save them for later!


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